Textile Printing Thickener

Calica manufactures wide range of textile printing thickeners depending on client's requirements. There are also wide-ranging

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Food Grade Gum

Food grade guar gum is an emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer approved for use in a wide range of foods, cosmetics

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Industrial Grade Gum

One of the wide uses of guar gum is in top-whole oil well drilling. Calpro series is industrial grade guar gum powder suitable fo

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Eco Friendly Products

With the vast changes in the environment around the world, Calica Exports is trying to research and develop products helping customers save money as well as protect the environment. Our tem of unique chemists have over 25 year of experience and can manufacturer a custom product to suit your specific requirements while keeping in mind the environment effects. We at Calica take proud to have achieved ISO 14001 which gives the requirements for environmental management systems as well as confirms its global relevance for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.