Quality Control

'A system for ensuring the maintenance of proper standards in manufactured goods, especially by periodic inspection of the product.'

Calica has brought about a technological turn-around, within their production premises in recent years, by installing advanced manufacturing equipments and testing facilities. A full-fledged Research & Development centre managed by well known industry specialists is continuously engaged in developing and modifying the chemical properties of materials in order to ensure better performance and reduce production cost. They have the ability to match the most stringent quality standards that are demanded worldwide.

Quality Control system at Calica consists of routine technical activities, to measure and control the quality of the gum as it is being developed. The QC system is designed to:

  • Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure quality, correctness, and completeness or batch;
  • Identify and address errors and omissions;
  • Document and archive batch wise data material and record all QC activities.

QC activities include general methods such as accuracy checks on batch and reactions and the use of proved standardized procedures, measurements, estimating uncertainties, archiving information and reporting. Higher tier QC activities start at and include checking of raw materials as well as continuous checking of reactions at fixed intervals.

Research and Development

Calica's discovery-led R&D focuses on entire thickener development pathway - from process development to lab research. This depth and breadth on our technological and expertise enable us to develop new thickeners for world's stringent demands.

Nothing is too big a challenge. We use best available technology to expand and improve the quality of our products. we continuously upgrade our manufacturing processes and use the latest methods in process analysis. Our customers are important as well as mentor to us. We work closely with them to ensure they get best we have to offer..

The entire quality control system is backed by ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2000 certification to ensure proper documentations as well as organized flow enabling product consistency.

CALICA caters wide range of customers in specific to their needs by altering the products at par requirements. The full range of CALICA products has an unmatched combination or Quality and Cost. The products prove their worth in both, value, and performance.