Industrial Grade Gum

One of the wide uses of guar gum is in top-hole oil well drilling. CALPRO series is industrial grade guar gum powder suitable for use in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and industrial applications and preparations as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent. It is a natural, fast hydrating dispersible guar gum and is diesel slurriable. In the oil field industry, guar gum is used as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and de-foam ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.


Oil Well Drilling: As fluid-loss controlling agent. As additives in fracturing fluids.

Mining:For Concentration of Ores, Flocculation and Better recovery.

Paper Industry:Used for improved sheet formation, Increased bursting strength, increased fold strength and to get a better finish.

Construction:As Waterproofing agent.

Industrial application of guar gum includes paper industry where it is used as an additive giving denser surface to the paper used in printing. In explosive industry guar is mixed in Ammonium Nitrate, Nitroglycerine and Oil explosives, where it helps maintain the explosive properties of the product even in wet conditions.

Standard Product Range:

Calpro CIG-30

viscosity: 3000-3500 cps; 200 mesh

Calpro CIG-50

viscosity: 5000-5800 cps; 200 mesh

Calpro CIG-40

viscosity: 3500-4000 cps; 200 mesh

Calpro CIG-60

viscosity: 6000-6800 cps; 100 mesh

Each of our products can be altered as per client specifications.