Cavitose C800

Properties specialization
Base: Carboxyl Methyl Starch
Appearance: Beige Yellow Powder
Paste Appearance: Beige Yellow
Solubility: Cold Water Soluble
Ionic Properties: Anionic
pH: 9.5 - 1.5 [Alkaline]
Moisture: 10 % maximum

Viscosity in 3% solution:

[Spindle No. 6, 20 RPM by Brookfield Viscometer
Model RVDV-1 at 25 Degree Celsius]
24000 to 28000 cps
Preservation: Printing Gum (8 kgs. Calvitose C800 + 92 kgs. water = 100 kgs. Total)Add 8 kg. powder gradually in 92 kg. cold water
drum with high speed stirrer for 25 to 35 minutes.
Formation of lumps should be avoided by uniform
powder insertion into water. Leave stock paste over
night for proper swelling of gum particles prior to its usage.
Packing: 25 Kg. Paper Bags with liner

[Mentioned are standard specifications, which can be altered as per client's requirements.] Please contact us for further information or clarification on the product mentioned above.